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- 2019-06-05-

The working principle of the magnetic ring transformer is similar to that of the switching power supply. The diodes VD1~VD4 form a rectifier bridge to turn the mains into direct current. The high-frequency oscillating circuit consisting of the oscillating transformer T1 and the triodes VT1 and VT2 converts the pulsating DC into a high-frequency current. The high frequency high voltage pulse is then stepped down by the ferrite output transformer T2 to obtain the desired voltage and power.

R1 is a current limiting resistor. The resistor R2, the capacitor C1 and the bidirectional trigger diode VD5 constitute a start trigger circuit. Transistor VT1, VT2 select S13005, and its B is 15~20 times.

High-power triodes such as C3093 and BUceo>=350V can also be used. The trigger diode VD5 selects DB3 or VR60 of about 32V. The oscillating transformer can be self-made and wound on the magnetic ring of the H7X10X6 with an audio cable. Tla, T1b are wound around 3m, and Tc is wound around 1匝. The ferrite output transformer T2 also needs to be self-made, and the core is an EI type ferrite having a side length of 27 mm, a width of 20 mm, and a thickness of 10 mm. T2a is wound with 100 sheets of high-strength enamelled wire with a diameter of 0.45 mm, and T2b is wound with a high-strength enamelled wire of 8 mm with a diameter of 1.25 mm. The diodes VD1~VD4 are selected as IN4007 type, the bidirectional trigger diodes are selected as DB3 type, and the capacitors C1~C3 are made of polypropylene polypropylene polyester capacitors with a withstand voltage of 250V.

When the magnetic loop transformer circuit is working, the working voltage at point A is about 12V; the point B is about 25V; the point C is about 105V; the point D is about 10V. If the voltage does not meet the above values, or the circuit does not oscillate, check the circuit for mis-welding, missing soldering or soldering. Then check if VT1 and VT2 are good, and whether the phases of T1a and T1b are correct. After the entire circuit is successfully adjusted, it can be placed in a small box made of metal material, which is beneficial for shielding and heat dissipation, but must pay attention to the insulation between the circuit and the outer casing. In addition, changing the number of turns of the T2a and b coils can change the high frequency voltage of the output.


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