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- 2019-06-05-

The audio transformer is an integral part of the audio amplifier, so when designing the audio transformer, it is necessary to determine the main parameters of the transformer. The main functions of audio transformer manufacturers can be divided into:

First, the input transformer: mainly plays the role of impedance matching. Since the power transmitted is extremely small, a small transformer made of a high-conductivity magnet nickel alloy core piece is used to improve the sensitivity.

Second, the interstage transformer: its role is to transform the audio signal voltage, so that the front and rear amplifiers achieve impedance matching. The pre-stage single-ended amplifying circuit can also be inverted by the transformer to match the push-pull input circuit of the next stage.

Third, the output transformer: connected to the amplifier between the power amplifier stage and the speaker impedance conversion, and can output a higher power audio transformer.

Fourth, line transformers: cable broadcast equipment or high-power amplifiers, generally with a large number of speakers, the distance between the speaker and the amplifier is far, in order to reduce the power loss on the transmission line.

The use of a toroidal transformer for a speaker is determined by the characteristics of the audio amplifier. Speakers do not have to use a toroidal transformer, but a toroidal transformer is most suitable. Qiaoyang audio transformer is a toroidal transformer structure with strong stability, low loss, strong load capacity and high working efficiency.


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