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- 2019-06-05-

As the name implies, a magnetic ring coil is a ring-shaped magnet. The magnetic ring is a commonly used anti-interference component in electronic circuits and has a good inhibitory effect on high frequency noise. The specifications and dimensions of the magnetic loop coil are more difficult to distinguish, so how can we get a deeper understanding of the magnetic ring and distinguish its size. The magnetic ring specification, also known as the magnetic ring size, has a commonality between the two. In fact, the specification is only the size meaning, there is nothing difficult to decompose, then how do we know the specific size of the magnetic ring:

First, when measuring the specifications of the magnetic ring coil, we first make some simple tests on the surface of the magnetic ring, and choose to use the eye to test in the bright place, and prefer the magnetic ring without cracks, notches, burrs or variants. Because of the magnetic ring with gaps, deformations, etc., dimensional errors will occur during the measurement process.

Second, after the magnetic ring coil appearance inspection, we choose the precision digital caliper. When using the caliper, we first press the caliper ZERO button to represent the digital caliper digital return to zero, to ensure that the measurement specifications appear. Deviation, as well as pay attention to the number on the digital caliper, is clear, if there is blurring when using, we have to replace the electronic of the digital caliper, so that the specific specifications of the magnetic ring can be clearly known during the measurement.

Third, when using the caliper, we first measure the appearance of the magnetic loop coil, from the outside to the inside to its length, we can also measure the inner diameter or length of the magnetic ring first. These steps are irregular, when we are stuck Do not use too much force, this will lead to digital accuracy error on the caliper. If the force is too small, the magnetic ring will not be clamped. It must be just right. Grasp every step of measurement to make the magnetic ring specifications not to have dimensional deviation. phenomenon.

Knowing the size of the magnetic loop coil, how is the magnetic loop coil made?

Magnetic ring size production process: batching→initial vibration→sintering→sanding→spray granulation and granulation→stirring→forming→production→spinning→chamfering→washing→ultrasonic cleaning→selection→final inspection→packaging The process such as the library is completed.

How is the magnetic loop coil tested?

1. The appearance of the magnetic ring can be checked by visual inspection under normal lighting conditions.

2. The outer dimensions of the magnetic ring are tested under normal lighting conditions with a vernier caliper with an accuracy of 0.02 mm.

3. The comprehensive factor of the magnetic ring is measured by \"CF-3A type magnetic ring sorter\", the excitation current is set to 2.5A, and the frequency is 40KHz.

4. The 4 turns of inductance of the magnetic ring are measured at 1 KHz with \"YD2810D LCR Digital Bridge\".

5. The induced electromotive force of the magnetic ring is measured by the "UI100 type high frequency power source" and "UI9720 magnetic material dynamic analysis system" under the specified conditions.

6. The magnetic ring Curie point is measured with \"YD2810D type LCR digital bridge\" and precision oven.

The above is the Xiaobian electronic Xiaobian for everyone to know how to know the specifications of the magnetic ring coil, I hope to help everyone, if you want to know more about the magnetic ring coil information, you can contact us Donggang Electronics !


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