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- 2019-06-04-

         The low frequency transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the alternating voltage. The main components are the primary coil, the secondary coil and the iron core. Transformers are often used as lifting voltages, matching impedances, and safety isolation in electrical equipment and wireless circuits. It is a device that uses electromagnetic mutual induction to transform voltage, current and impedance. What are the common problems of low frequency transformers in daily life? What are the reasons?

(1) The tap changer is not in place or has poor contact

When the transformer is put into operation, if the tap changer is not in place, a large “beep” sound will be emitted, causing the high-voltage fuse to blow if it is severe; if the tap changer is in poor contact, a slight “吱吱” spark discharge will occur. Once the load is increased, it is possible to burn out the contacts of the tap changer. In case of such a situation, it is necessary to timely power out repairs.

(2) Internal discharge

When you hear the power, you can hear the sound of the “cracking” iron, which is the discharge sound of the conductive lead through the air to the transformer case; if you hear the “beep” sound through the liquid, the conductor is facing the outer casing through the transformer oil. The sound of the discharge. If the insulation distance is not enough, the power supply should be checked to strengthen the insulation or add insulation spacers.

(3) The sound of lack of phase

When the transformer is out of phase, if the second phase is unreachable, the second phase is still silent, and the third phase is sent with a sound; if the third phase is not, the sound does not change, the same as the two phases. There are three main reasons for the lack of phase:

1 power supply lacks one phase;

2 transformer high voltage fuse blows one phase;

3 Transformer due to inadvertent transportation, plus high-voltage leads are thin, resulting in vibration disconnection (but not shell).

(4) External line disconnection or short circuit

When the line breaks at the junction or T junction of the wire, it is connected to the time when the wind is blowing, and an arc or spark occurs when the contact occurs. At this time, the low-frequency transformer emits a sound like a frog's "wow wow"; When the low-voltage line is grounded or a short-circuit accident occurs, the transformer will make a "boom" sound; if the short-circuit point is close, the transformer will make a roar like a tiger.


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