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UY16 high voltage package

UY16 high voltage package

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The high voltage package in the ECP high-frequency transformer is named as the line output transformer, also known as the line pack or row change. The working principle of the high voltage package of the display and the TV set is basically the same. The main function is to generate the anode high voltage, and provide the focus and acceleration. , the gate and other voltages.Because the high voltage package works in the state of high temperature, high frequency, high voltage, high current, and the external environment is wet or dusty, the probability of damage to the high voltage package is high.The alternating current outputted from the high voltage package is rectified to establish a high voltage electric field in front of the positive electrode. The electrons are accelerated in this electric field, and the image has sufficient brightness.This is how the high voltage package works.

Cause of damage to the high voltage package

1. Breakdown of high voltage filter capacitor in the package;

2. Short circuit between the high voltage coils in the package;

3. Leakage or breakdown of high voltage silicon reactors in the package;

4. The primary secondary coil in the package is short-circuited;

5. The aging component of the package is aging, making the focus and acceleration voltage unstable;

6. The insulation performance of the package is reduced, so that the high voltage package is fired inside or outside.

TV high voltage package repair method

1, first of all to distinguish between what position caused by high-pressure fire, so as to prescribe the right medicine. High-pressure cap ignition method: Before the high-pressure cap is removed, the high-pressure nozzle of the picture tube must be discharged. When discharging, prepare a sheath insulated wire. The two ends must have a metal head, and one end should be placed on the ground of the TV. Insert it into the high-pressure cap, you will hear a click, the high voltage will be released, it should be discharged repeatedly 3 times to ensure that the high pressure is completely cleaned.

2. After the discharge is completed, remove the high-pressure cap, then clean the high-pressure cap with anhydrous alcohol, and the part around the anode of the tube must be scrubbed with alcohol several times to ensure that there is no dust. Especially when the discharge is serious, the picture tube is driven out of the groove. After cleaning these parts, they must be blown dry with a hair dryer. Then apply high-pressure grease to the high-pressure anode. When installing the high-pressure cap, the internal air must be squeezed out as much as possible. This will prevent the TV high-voltage cap from catching fire.

3. The phenomenon of sparking in the high-voltage nozzle of the color TV can be eliminated by this method: first discharge the high-pressure nozzle. Remove the burnt high pressure cap and the circlip. If there is not much dirt on the high pressure nozzle and the surrounding graphite layer, it can be cleaned with alcohol cotton; if the dirt is thick, it can be scraped off with a sharp blade tool. If there is rust on the high pressure nozzle, apply sandpaper and other polish to completely remove the residue inside the high pressure nozzle. After cleaning, use a hair dryer to remove the high pressure nozzle and nearby water.


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