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EI6636 with shielded power transformer

EI6636 with shielded power transformer

Product Details

Advantages of magnetic ring transformers :

1, low temperature rise, high thickness, small size, high efficiency, strong anti-interference ability

2, the electromagnetic radiation is small, the interference to the human body is safe to use one of the transformers within the safe range

3, low no-load loss, lower loss for standby to save more energy

4, the transformer adaptability is strong, can work normally at low temperature minus 40 degrees

5, can be developed according to customer requirements

6, excellent performance, high price can take

We specialize in providing low frequency transformers, transformer and inductor solutions for integrated chip inductors, original design and custom design. Our team of engineers is a professional with more than 15 years of experience in R&D, design and management of foreign companies. It is well-versed in the design and development of high-frequency transformers and inductors with different topologies of switching power supplies.


Output power (VA) model Dimensions (L*H*W) Insulation grade
EI-28 28*27*35 B
1.2-3.0VA EI-35 35*30*35 B
3.0-10VA EI-41 41*35*48 B
10-20VA EI-48 48*40*35 B
20-50VA EI-57 57*50*65 B
50-80VA EI-66 66*57*80 B
80-100VA EI-76 76*65*85 B
100-150VA EI-86 86*72*88 B
120-220VA EI-96 96*82*100 B
220-400VA EI-114 114*97*130 B
400-600VA EI-133 133*112*140 B


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